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About the Artist: Tom Mielko

Tom Mieko | Licensed Artist with Licensing LiaisonTom Mielko is best known for his finely honed ability to communicate with the viewer in a personal and intimate way. He has a unique eye for bringing out subtlety such as the play of light on a sun dappled porch or the shadow of a decaying wicker chair.

Born in Dorchester, Massachusetts, and encouraged by his parents, Tom studied at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts School where he eventually taught as well as the Art Institute of Boston. He has exhibited at the Smithsonian Institute, the Dyansen Gallery, the Arlington Gallery and in his own gallery on Nantucket Island which he owned for many years.

Tom currently works in his Santa Barbara studio on the California coast. His signature style has won him awards and collectors from every part of the world. He is influenced by nature and his beautiful wife Eileen, who appears in many of his paintings.