Licensing Liaison represents artists whose work is appealing to a wide range of consumer groups, offering consistent retail sell-through for the manufacturers we partner with.

We work with our artist partners to develop and place their work in a variety of licensed categories, including:

Principal / Sales

Alicia Dauber is the owner and active principal of Licensing Liaison, a full-service art licensing agency, based in the Pacific Northwest. Alicia represents talented artists who develop imaginative concepts that are unique and specific for the manufacturers who need them. As a “hands-on” director, Dauber and her staff at Licensing Liaison are adept at going beyond an image-only presentation to maximize design capacities for a client’s needs.

Alicia Dauber, Principal / Sales


The Licensing Liaison Team

Kari Hydorn, Accounting

Tara McKee, Graphics Projects / Art Design

Daniele O’Connell, Art Submissions / Administration

The Licensing Liaison Team