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At Licensing Liaison, we identify & promote talented artists in the licensing field & work to brand their styles and to enhance the success and collectability of their artwork. We work with manufacturers in a wide variety of product categories who recognize these artists' unique & appealing styles, exceptional talent & professional business standards. Our artist partners are dedicated professionals, who are committed to providing clientele with the special imagery they need.

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Artist Reception with Eugene Lushpin

Eugene Lushpin and Alicia Dauber

Eugene Lushpin and Alicia Dauber at his artist reception at Kush Fine Art in Caesar's Palace Forum, Las Vegas

I had the great pleasure of meeting Eugene Lushpin face-to-face at the Kush Fine Art Gallery located in Caesar’s Palace Forum in Las Vegas this last year.   Eugene speaks very little English but we were able to communicate a wee bit on our own (he is very nice!).  We mainly talked through an interpreter.   It was great fun and an honor to be able to have the opportunity as Eugene still spends most of his time in Moscow.     I have personally collected 3 of Eugene’s pieces – so I am officially a collector as well as his agent!

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