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At Licensing Liaison, we identify & promote talented artists in the licensing field & work to brand their styles and to enhance the success and collectability of their artwork. We work with manufacturers in a wide variety of product categories who recognize these artists' unique & appealing styles, exceptional talent & professional business standards. Our artist partners are dedicated professionals, who are committed to providing clientele with the special imagery they need.

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Paris Steps by Eugene Lushpin

Paris Steps by Eugene Lushpin

Just Arrived! Russian Artist, EUGENE LUSHPIN has just released two new original images: “Home” and “Paris Steps”. Born in Moscow in November of 1966, Eugene is a celebrated contemporary artist whose inspiring paintings of still life and landscape reflect a complex rendering of texture, illusionistic light and an intricate attention to detail.
Skillfully mastering the complex technique of texture painting with glimmering, lustrous or reflective surfaces, Lushpin has created a series of photorealistic landscapes; which at first glance, are often mistaken for large color photographs.
Recently, the artist’s interests have become more focused on the image of the city. He has a unique gift for capturing the dynamic energy of a crowded sidewalk or the serene mood of a quiet neighborhood. Rooftops are often a prominent subject in much of his work. Lushpin’s brilliant use of color and sharp contrast combined with loose Impressionistic brushstrokes bring a dynamic quality to his impressive artwork.
To see Eugene’s entire portfolio, please visit our website at:

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